Will I ever get over what has happened with me and my ex and why did he do this to me?

so i met this guy who i had had a crush on back in school, we really connected and quickly ended up in a relationship. It was perfect! or so i thought, we were so happy together he told me everyday how much he loved me and that im the best thing in his life and he's never had this feeling about anybody before. i felt the same way, i had had relationships before this but they were never as serious. he wanted me to meet all his family and friends, showered me in presents took me out every weekend, he would literally do anything for me. Equally i treated him so well we saw each other everyday without fail and when he went on holiday he rang me up crying and said it was the hardest week of his life. this all happened over a period of only 4 months. Anyway now it comes to him ending it. On the day before Valentine's we had a fall out and the next morning he came home with a big bunch of red roses and hugged me said sorry and that he never wants to argue again. The next day i get a text, yes a text saying he can't be with me because he's not over another girl he saw just before me. when we were together he said that nothing happened between them before me but i found out from a friend this was not true. i feel absolutely awful i haven't eaten for a week properly i am so confused as to why he would do all those things for me and then just leave so easily? all i can think about is how he's with her now and he doesn't care that im not there, whether this is true or not i don't know but it makes me feel physically sick every time i wake up in the morning. I feel like he went out with me just to forget about her? they used to see each other and stopped because she got back with her ex and now she broke up with him again and he said that they were talking for the last couple of days he was with me. all i can think is that he was telling her (this girl hates me from school) that he doesn't like me. i think he never cared and i feel betrayed


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  • I have been in this exact situation a month ago. He was an asshole really. You were just his rebound girl. He wanted to move on from the previous girl but then that girl must have come back to him. So he obviously went to her. You don't have to be sad because of such morons. You should just say "go fuck yourself" to him and moveon with life. Their are much more better guys you could give your time to than cry like a baby for such fuckboys. Keep your head high and don't worry. You're stronger than his bullshit. Take care;)

    • Yeah hopefully I'll feel that way soon I just don't understand how everything we did meant nothing to him, thank you

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