Will a man ever regret breaking up?

Met through mutual friend. We never met in person but we had good chemistry and he wanted more. I didn't want to pursue him so I pushed him away. I finally opened up just a little on why I can't be his gf. I told him one if the many insecurities. The next day we had a fight and he ignored my calls and text. today he called me to say that we better be friends , which we were anyways. It hurts a little because I opened up to him and thought that made him change his mind. I was actually waiting for him to be patient with me. I even started thinking to give it a chance and was waiting for the right time. Will he ever come back?


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  • "Will he ever return?" If there were some sort of mental telepathy between you two. Then, sure, it's reasonably possible.

    Under the circumstances, however, I doubt it. The chances are slim that a guy who you've never met in person will wait for you for an indefinite amount of time to date you.

    That said, whatever compromise you would like to make, would like him to make, so that your intent to inevitably be with him is not misinterpreted as you address your issues, I suggest you express that to him asap.


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  • okay.. accept his friendly relationship to you and treat him as ur bf. care with him and the taste of sweetness so he'll miss you or maybe qill back to you..:)
    I don't think so but do ur best u love him do it now..


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  • Yep he will if he loves you
    He'll be your friend notice you
    Actually you'll have to indicate him when you're ready and make sure before it's not too late, he gets over you and finds another girl...


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