How easy to forget good memories and ex gf that you dumped and broke up nicely if you start casually dating someone new soon after your broke up?

How easy to forget ex gf that you dumped and broke up nicely? Also forget good memories when you felt it was afew months but very special unique experience you never had experienced before if you already start dating someone new soon after your broke up?

How does it feel doing it? Don't guys ever feel guilty to date someone new very soon, very obvious if you just ended very serious dating. If he start another new serious date I understand , that feeling is out of control but if it's casual , he could wait for a little longer to respect ex can't he?
If the guy fell out of love , you wants nothing with ex? Don't you guys remember good memory at all to feel you want to be having them as friend?
Also my ex rejected me to be friend said needs more time than me and one day we can be friend.
Why he needs to completely shut down especially he already date someone but "casually" and must be easy for him to move on.


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  • Serioisly? To respect an ex we stop living
    It's hard to move on but it doesn't mean a guy has to sit on his bed coked with all those memories fucking with his mind...
    The respect to the break up allright it should be there but there's not a definite way to do so...
    And about being guilty yeahh guys do feel guilty about it but we can't just get a tattoo on our forehead after a break up "just separated" the guilt is within and to remove it we date someone new aka a fresh start


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  • As soon as things get serious with me person.


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  • It will be hard if we broke up in nice way it's more than a year I didn't go any place that I was with my ex there specialy the resturants I can go but I dont like I will remember the moments



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