How to breakup between a girl and her boyfriend and take the girl?

How to breakup between a girl and her boyfriend and take the girl?


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  • You don't. That's a dick move, stealing another man's girlfriend.

    • What about make her cheats with me? Then she will be with her bf and no need to breakup.

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    • Why would you want a girl who would be willing to cheat on her boyfriend with you? Cheaters are scumbags.

    • Maybe she never cheated before and i'm the only one to ever get her to cross to the dark side! MuHahA

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  • This question should be titled 'How to not be a biggidy bitch'.

  • Have you ever accomplished such a feet in the past?

    • A woman cheated on her husband with me before.

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    • I had girlfriend and she had husband we decided to focus on our relationships with our partners. However my gf fond out and broke up with at the end.

    • No, no, man. I meant how did you approach her to cheat with you? Nonetheless, I suggest you move on. If she is willing to cheat on her guy, then she'll likely cheat on you if progressed with her in this dynamic. Any type of relationship involving two cheaters is doomed? It won't work. Mark my words.

  • That's not how it works.

    • I want to be with this girl, how to do it?

    • Uh... you don't. Unless they break up naturally and she happens to like you. Focus on someone that isn't taken. You can't pluck a girl off the shelf and throw her in the shopping cart.

    • OK so how to make her cheats on her bf with me?

  • Go fuck yourself


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