Feeling very sad today from the breakup, please help?

We were in LTR for 4 years, but we've known eachother since we were kids. I broke up with him November 15th for good. It had been going downhill for several months and I fought for us until Nov 15th. On Nov 15th, I complete cut him from my life, blicked and deleted him from everything and have not spoken to him since then. Healing was going well for me until today. First, even though neither of us really communicated via email, I did block him from emailing me on Nov 15th. I blocked his work addy bc that was the only one I remembered and had in my addy book. But there was another, his yahoo acct. And today, I woke up to an email from that account. It was bittersweet seeing a message sitting in my inbox from him. I contemplated deleting it wo opening the message, but curiosity got the best of me. Turns out, it was spam. His email acct sent a spam message and link to me and several others from his address book. I did not open the link obviously. That email is now blocked as well.

So yea, false alarm today :(. Feeling sad. I kinda questioned if this was a way for him to get a response out of me. In the 4 years of being together, I never got an email like that from him. Seems weird that it happens now. But since I cound see that it was sent to other people, including his sister, probably just a coincidence.
Any words of encouragement welcomed. I not only lost my bf, but it feels ljke a piece of my childhood.


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  • Your over thinking things. I know about coincidence's all the time. It's a from of Eastern thought. Some things happen for reasons unknown. These days, let's be honest, if he wanted to contact you, he could have. Call you from another number, something right? It's all based off of your feelings for him, plain and simple. I'd just take it as a sign, but don't over think it, and wounder what it's all about. Wait for the answer, then decide from there. It's about taking each step as it comes. If we question each sign that comes along, I think all of us would go nuts. Always be present, and know things happen for reasons, but the reasons are unknown, so wait, and see what happens. That of course doesn't mean you stop being yourself, or even stop dating, or what ever is in your life. It's about finding peace, and finding love all over...

  • You said the relationship was going downhill for sometime. Recognize what that downhill is and remind yourself of your worth. Any breakup is tough, even if you initiate it. Try to occupy your time with doing things you like and every time you think of him, thank yourself and him for the good times and then let the thought go.. it gets easier.. promise. the more you let go the more you allow for others to enter into your life.. it's a tough life lesson in the emotions but one that needs to be completed for continued soul growth. My love to you!

    • Very kind of you to write back

    • Remember. You don't have to find love, you are love ;-).

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