What do I do now?

Me and my boyfriend was together for 2 years we lived together for 9 months and we broke up because he didn't give me any attention anymore. I told him he can't come back untill he doesn't start giving me more attention or I'm moving on. So then he said I must move on. I tried I had new guys and it's been 2 months and I'm getting really sad the more he's gone. He emailed me the rent invoice because me and my child is stil staying in the house and he movd out and I just felt like I'm breaking because that a not what I wanted to hear and I told him I missed him a week ago and he didn't reply. How can you love someone so much and then do this? I'm want to giv up on all guys cause they all promise the sun moon and stars but it's so easy to walk away and don't giv a shit. I don't know how to make things better. I'm a sexy woman all guys flirt with me Bt they all go. If it's not after a one night stand. Is after 3 years. I'm giving up what must I do


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  • Give up on us. Seriously, just meet us for one night stands. That's mostly what we want.

    • I want my soul mate I deserve to be happy

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    • Ja everyday. So that means being in a relationship. A happy one

    • Nope, just a fuck buddy.

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  • Try to take a break from dating, finding new guys won't help you move on any quicker.

    He'll be just as devastated as you about the breakup and trying to move on so its probably best he didn't reply to you.

    • He's super happy. He's with his friend partying. Celebrating he's not devastated

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