Do I let him pay rent or not?

So we broke up 2 months ago and last month I couldn't afford to paythe rent on my own so he offered to help as he moved out and left me and my daughter there. Now I found a friend to move in with me. So we can afford it. But he asked me if he must help, probably because he feels bad because he's an asshole. So should I be a bitch and tell him pay or should I just ignore him. And must I throw all his stuff at my house away? He's not even trying to get it from me or should I keep it. I'm super angry at him. He left me in this hole and I'm struggling. But I honestly don't know what to do. I want him to feel pain too actually


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  • What did he do?

    • He just pulled himself away from me entirely and didn't giv me any attention anymore and then I told him if he doesn't start letting me feel like I'm his girlfriend I'm moving on so he said I must move on. So what was I supposed to do? Beg him to grow feelings again? It's really low to promise someone forever and then disappoint them just like that

    • Wow, forgive me, I am terribly sorry I didn't not answer this a month ago :(

      Well I hope this hasn't passed yet, but I wouldn't throw his stuff away, that would cause more conflict, but ask him to pick it up first, two wrongs don't make a right after all.
      With the rent, you did find a friend so politely, as politely as you can muster tell him you want nothing to do with him. I feel if he did tha tonce there's nothing to say he won't again and if he's helping wiht the rent and you have a child to care for, if he decides to bail you and the little one could be in real trouble. So tell him to go screw himself nicely
      I hope that helps and I am truly sorry about this terribly late reply!
      If you have any questions or anything don't hesitiate to ask

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  • Well
    I've read this a few times
    I honestly ca't quite figure it out
    Who moved in
    who moved out
    who's the asshole
    and why
    Maybe contact Jerry Springer, of Montel Williams
    They are much better at this than I


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