Why is my ex texting me 2 years later out of the blue?

Ok so I was with this guy for about a month and a half we got so close so quickly it was a fairly intense relationship went too quick. He'd even said he love me a few times how he was falling for me etc. Then when I said it I got confused though I texted him. Anyway then he dumped for someone else. He's still with the girl.
He ignored all my texts. He text a three time once saying "are you awake?" then "hey" and another "hey" all a few weeks about around 1-2am. I ignored all this was in the end of 2013. I didn't hear from him at all during 2014 all of last year. Then this morning he text me
hey how are you? Long time since we chatted. Just thought I'd say hey. You probably don't even remember me" he's still with the girlfriend
why is he texting me? and no I'm not interested. Should I text "why do you randomly text me like this?"
just to see what he wants?


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  • He has probably had recurring feelings of regret about his decision to end things with you and how he ended them. Thus, from time to time, he reaches out to you.

    • Oh so it's more just regret just strange cause he has a girlfriend still it'd been a full year not hearing anything last tine was 2013

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    • Be succinct and to the point. Something like, "please, stop contacting me, I have a boyfriend, I'm happy and will not disrupt that for anyone."

    • the ex fits this article very well www.baggagereclaim.co.uk/.../ and described how he's acted with me for ages.

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  • This has happened to me too. Just ignore his texts. Exes are better when they are just left in the past. He's just trying to be friendly or something. But don't buy his shit. He's probably looking for get laid or something.

    • Thats the first message thats thought I'm curious to know i don't want him back though

    • You don't want him back right? so chill.. don't buy into his stuff and don't respond to his texts. Just ignore him.

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  • Say why do you ramdnomly text me dpea your gf know your doing this? I'm sure she'd be happy to know. Don't be apart of a homewreaker

  • just ignore... you are better off exes are better left in the past

    you will find someone else x


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