How to forget my ex boyfriend?

I had a relationship for 3 years but we broke up in February 2014 ... I can't forget him even if i know that he was a complete asshole with me. He was texting to me every month, and in the past few weeks nearly everyday until i told him to stop. I still love him and wish him well but i am sad that i haven't moved on. He has a girlfriend and looks happy i just want to feel happy too but the thought of him is always with me... Now i am trying to move on with another guy but everything reminds me of my ex , i am afraid that i am just lying to myself and my current boyfriend... Help Help Help... it is a torture to think of someone who would never be yours again.


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  • Wow, February 2014, what have you been doing for one year and a bit

    It can be easy to do if you allow yourself and not have any mental restrictions.
    You just need to forget about him and move on. Start talking and being interested in more and different people. Try and avoid everything that reminds you of him for the time being, but obviously you can't avoid everything all the time. You will need to think of other things and people instead of your ex bf.
    Loads of other people say that their ex bf is perfect and whatever, which doesn't help getting over as your making them seem perfect. If you tell yourself someone is perfect, such as your ex, then eventually you will believe that and will want him and start missing him.

    You are looking at him be happy and your mind thinks that you can only be happy with him, which is obviously not true. You need to forget about him, think about his bad qualities and think of other guys good positives and one day you can be even happier with someone else, than always comparing it to your ex. If you always compare and try and do things like you did with you ex, or the ways he is doing it now, you will never be happy because no one else can match that as no one person is the same. If you get what I mean.

    So dont compare him to other guys you see, cos if you think a perfect bf is like your ex, then no one but him will fit your description and you won't be able to move on cos you can't. No two guys are the same, if that makes sense.

    If you need more help, advice or just want to talk feel free to ask or send me a message
    Anyway, Hope this helps.


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  • Erase everything you have of him!! Delete his contact and all pictures and info. L

    • Look up mean quotes about exs. And try working out to take your mind off of him. Read a book and watch a movie to take your mind off of him

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  • After one year and you still love him? Thats not normal, girl...
    I guess he was your first.

    • Haha , yes he was my first. I've had time to forget about him but he didn't let me. He texted me every month. And in the past few weeks- everyday (i told him to stop). He really tortures me. He has a girlfriend and i do have a boyfriend ( for 4 months) so i need to forget him. ( i am 21 actually )

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    • No the main reason was that she was obsessed with HER first (I was the 2nd). Not only she aways tried to make me jealous and kept contact with him (the usual ''he is just a friend'') but that prick did everything he could to ruin our relationship. Once she started defending him, I dumped the bitch.

    • Well my story is not the same. I don't want to be with my ex. I don't defend him, we were friends but my current boyfriend is really jealous of him so i broke contact. I told my ex that it doesn't feel right and i want to move on. I am not a cheating type of girl and i always give everything from me to make it work. Maybe that is the reason... i've worked so hard for that relationship that now it is hard to forget the effort.

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