Did my ex moved on after a month?

My ex Broke up with me because she needed space, she didn't want to be labeled as the girl who was in a relationship before her marriage (cultural norm). She broke up and said that I should ask her to marry her after a few years.

Now I loved this girl with all my heart but this just broke me up and I went nc for a couple of weeks. Now, a month later she posts pics being happy and all and that just broke me more, I deleted her from everything but now I feel like a complete mess, don't tell me to move on, I'm trying as best as I can. But the idea that she would go 9 months with me and be happy after just 1, broke me up so hard.

My question is this, did she really moved on this fast? Everybody told me that she would be begging me for another shot.


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  • what is your problem dude? Are you not happy because she broke with you? or sad that she moved on faster than you thought?

    • The latter...

    • See, your situation is quite complicated. Nor i can ask you to move on cuz you mentioned not to. But your only option is to give it some rest. Sure, you might feel like a mess at the moment. but give some time to yourself to digest everything that's happening. Now, about your sadness. Don't you feel bad about yourself that you didn't want someone to move on even when you knew that they had no other option? Think about it. What would you do if you were in their shoes? You will try for a new start right? you will try to leave the past behind right? That's exactly what she's doing. To be honest, instead of wheeping about past, you should do the same. find a new path.

  • She just wants you to question her happiness. Which you are.

    • What is there to accomplish with that?

    • A reaction.

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