When to give up?

So the guy I was seeing came over and broke up with me 6 weeks ago now as he said he just can't be in a relationship due to personal issues. Despite that we both were very happy together. I said I was happy to date as I liked it and we agreed we would meet up in a few weeks to talk things through and give each other our things back. Last week I text him so 5 weeks had passed since contact asking how his studies were going. He did reply to my message but was a little off compared to how he was. I did respond and asked how a hobby was going and he has not replied. Not really sure if the best course of action is to text again or leave him to it, the impression I am getting is he doesn't want want to talk or have anything to do with me

Not sure if I will do more harm than good by bothering him now.


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  • Now. A breakup is a breakup.


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