Was this a bad idea? What do I say?

So my ex & I broke up 3 months ago I have posted here about the brake up before & what all happened. So I emailed her because that's the only way I have to contact her just to ask how she was doing she replied "hey :) I've been doing good have had a LOT to keep me busy this semester lol. Yourself?" I don't know what to say I'm really want to ask her to meet up for lunch somewhere but since she said she has a lot going on I don't know if I should it scares me the thought of her shooting me down since I'm still not over her I've been on several dates since we broke up but all I keep thinking of is her. Does it sound like she might want me back? What should I say to her? & should I try getting her back? All my friends & family say I'm better off without her.
Someone told me her reply ment she was basically shoving it in my face that she's moved on & that I dont a chance with her anymore. I don't know why she would do that we were so close. What do y'all think?


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  • Your friends and family know you better than you know about yourself. So, listen to them once. You "HAVE" to move on dude. You can't just sit around and wait for some miracle to happen. Just go out with friends and family time. distract your mind whenever you think about her. there's a reason you guys broke up. Okay? THERE'S NO GOING BACK NOW. WHAT'S GONE IS GONE FOREVER.


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  • Answering your questions directly
    Does it sound like she might want me back? Based soley of that response no she doesn't.
    What should I say to her? I think the best thing you could do is not even respond for a couple of reasons like the convo won't go that far and might be a little awkward making things worse if you ever did wanted to get her back. You will look alpha, look like your doing just fine with out her, and she might even think about you.

    should I try getting her back?

    Everything In life happens for a reason, and even if you don't believe this mantra you have to put yourself first and move on for your own sake. She sounds like a girl who has moved on but don't worry man there are SO many more girls out there. Trust me once you find someone else that you like even a little bit you are going to forget about this girl 100%. Its not healthy to live in the past anyway, you only have one life, one youth , so live it to the fullest not wondering about what if's.

    • I was thinking about replying in a few days jut saying "good glad to hear that! I've been good just been busy with school & work." Then leaving it at that. Would that even be a bad idea?

    • Sorry for the late response. I can't speak on whether something is a good idea or not but if you say that how far do you think the conversation will go after that? I can only see things from my point of view with what you wrote but I don't see it going very far after that. So really whats the point? If anything It would make things more awkward as it would show you guys have nothing to talk about anymore. Replying to her might seem like a little thing but think of not replying as the first step to letting go which you need to do even if you wanted her back you have to let go first as she seems like she has already. Ofc is this just my opinion. wish you the best of luck

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