What do you think? I broke up with my bf a week ago and since then he has been sending me txts here and there?

He also tells me how he fantasizes about me and tries to lead into sexting. He brought me a coffee this morning and left it on the step. He is big time confusing me, i tell him that it hurts to sext with him because i still have feelings for him, and then its like he tries again but warns me first when he starts teasing me... He also asks me whats for supper, cuz he knows i used to go over and bring a plate a food sometimes... just little stuff like that...

here's the question, 4 hours ago I txted him and asked "what do you want"... no reply...7 minutes later I said... just tell me... still nothing! Why won't he answer me and tell me what he wants! i want him to to say either i want you back, or i just want friends or i just want someone to sext with every now and then... what do you think?


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  • It wasn't a clean break. He obviously still has some kind of feelings or desire to be with you - but it's hard to say if he wants to get back together, wants friends with benefits, or whatever. He might not know himself what he wants, which would explain him not saying anything directly.

    You said you still have feelings for him, so that adds to it. It's not a clean break all around. Both of you need to decide what you really want and make sure that the other person knows that clearly. Even if it's "I don't know", the other person needs to know that.

    Relationships have good times and bad times. It's easy to remember the good times and miss it, and still want it. Then you remember the bad times and don't want it. So a person just flips back and fourth and there is no clean break, and no clear reunion. It just ends up in limbo.


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  • Just block him.


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  • Ahhh say bye bye... sounds like you're wasting your time.

    I would start looking at someone that wants to give you the time of day... don't put up with crap in your life... it's to short!

    He is just playing on your feelings for him. Time to move on!

  • If he isn't giving you a straight answer then he doesn't know what he wants. you might have to move on.


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