What do u think about the no contact rule?

after breaking up do u think the no contact rule is the way to go?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Yes, clean break, always easier

    • what u mean by clean break lol?

    • No contact, no skirting round each other, just making a clean getaway as it were

What Guys Said 1

  • If it ended badly and there is no intention of working things out and getting back again, the yes.

    • well i have intentions of fixing things with her but she said she wanted time and space after 2 years of being together and she's acting like she doesn't care and i think she has someone and thats why she's been acting the way she is

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    • I understand.
      I think you are doing the best thing when you focus on yourself and your life right now. It will bring you back to balance and perhaps it can work out in the future between the two of you when some more time have passed.

    • yeah i think thats what she has in mind maybe thats what we need time and space for now i still think she has someone else but who knows i can't over think things if not i will go crazy lol but yeah only time will tell and i want to take this time to focus on things i needed to get straight

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