Why is my Ex being like this?

So two week ago my Ex decided it was over. I wasn't exactly accepting of it but I understood. There was no name calling or nasty comments. The worst I did was beg her not to forget me, and to continue to be my friend. She gave me no answers to any questions. She started acting as though she hated me. She was blunt and after agreeing to stay friends, kept telling me to shut up. Then last night she spoke to me for 2 straight hours. I literally couldn't reply to one message before she had sent another. I was so happy. Then today I asked her how easy she was finding the break up and she said "very". It hurt to hear that but I still wasn't rude. I asked her if she loves me and she said no. And this was before I said anything mean. She told me she loved me the day before she ended it. I said "I don't mean in love" and to which she replied "I know, I don't love you". It felt like getting my heart ripped out. I replied that she was "an evil bitch and a horrible human being" and then I took it back immediately. The thing is she already began blocking me on everything. The only reason I'm admitting to saying something so horrible is because I want the readers to know that I haven't been perfect but why on earth has she said she doesn't love me after I did nothing wrong and after she was claiming to be so in love with me just two weeks ago?


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  • She obviously didn't get what she wanted from the relationship, so she ended it. She may have some love for you, and women usually express that during a break up to try to ease the blow, but she isn't in love with you. She has been honest and she has experienced a range of emotions, that doesn't make her an evil bitch for god's sake, you guys are the ones who overreact. She isn't in love with you anymore, she doesn't want the relationship and it's over for her, so stop contact and try to move on.

    • It doesn't, that's why I took it back instantly. But after two years, After everything we've been through and how much she begged me to come back after she finished with me the first time, I can't understand how she can say she has no love for me what so ever. I can understand not being in love but having no love for me what so ever basically over night. That's what I don't understand

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    • Damn you for being right

    • That's the way lol

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