Will he come back? Can we get past this?

My bf and I dated for a year and he was diagnosed with depression about 3 months into the relationship and went to therapy since then. We broke up over it first because he felt he couldn't be in a relationship, but we got back together and stayed together. Even though the depression fluctuated, sometimes making him distant, we had an amazing relationship. We were each others first everything, were best friends, understood each other more than anyone. We were so in love. He made me so incredibly happy. He broke up with me a few days ago because he's been in a rut for a few weeks & said he had been overthinking things like crazy. He said he was unable to be in a relationship & didn't love me. This was so out of NOWHERE. He even admitted that he couldn't think of a single problem with us, he just wasn't happy with anything. He said he cares about me more than anything & still sees me in his future, he's just so confused. I talked to his friend today (im close with his friends and they loved us together and didn't see this coming) & he said he told him that I'm his best friend, he misses me & there's no one else. But he can't be with anyone. He said he wants me in his life no matter what. But he won't see me right now because he said he knows if he does he'll want to get back together. But he told his friend he wants to try again when he's happy again. his friend said he isn't happier without me, he's just under less stress. He said I should give him space to sort out his depression & that he thinks this whole thing is his delression all hitting him at once and he broke up with me to see if it would help his depression... I broke down over that bc I've done nothing but put my entire self into making him feel loved and supported & helping him in anyway. & he'd always tell me I helped more than anything and made him forget about the shit going on in his brain. I can't even explain how much I love him and he truly is the sweetest person in the world, this isn't him
  • He's super messed up right now and will come back once he figures his issues out. He does love you he just can't feel it right now because of his mental problems
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  • He's dragging you through the mud and doesn't want you at all. He's not worth it
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  • That's common with depression. I've suffered from it (with anxiety as well) and it was the darkest moments of my life; I ignored loved ones and convinced myself that I was alone, when in fact I wasn't.

    Depression affects people in different ways, luckily I didn't push away my girlfriend and she didn't leave me. I applied for therapy, which helped, is your boyfriend seeking any help with therapy?

    I wish I could help more, but as I said, depression can be so hard to solve.


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  • He doesn't know what he wants. This is an unhealthy relationship. Sounds manic depressive.
    It has nothing to do with you

  • yeah just give him some space to work his shit out. but make sure he knows you support him and love him but are willing to give him his space.

    if you want to try to make it work anyway if not thats fine too


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