Your changes after breakup?

After breakups, some people change in some way shape or form. How did you change if it did change you?
I forgot to mention how my last relationship changed me. It made me want to be a little distant from the next girl I'll be dating. So in case something falls apart I'll be able to move on quickly. Made me not be too much of the nice guy I was in the relationship, always a gentleman but not enough to come off like a jerk. It just really hardened me in a lot of ways.


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  • I think I changed for the better. I was in a really controlling relationship and I lost myself in the process. By the time he was done using and mentally abusing me, I didn't even recognize myself. After the breakup I decided to be single and work on myself, and I have to say I think I'm pretty awesome. I've gotten in the best shape of my life, and took risks in order to have the career I want. He on the other hand now works at Wal-Mart and got fat.


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  • i believe I'm on my way to being a better woman because of my past relationships. i have a clearer idea of what I'm looking for and what kind of woman i want to be.

  • When I had my first break-up (3 years ago) I realized that I shouldn't put all my happiness in one person. When I lost him, I lost all my happiness, and it took me months to recover, even years to finally forget about those feelings.

    My most recent break-up was less than a month ago. Somehow, I'm enjoying more my career as I have more time to dedicate. I feel less anxious and to be honest, I cry less.


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