Why are they doing this? please help?

I told you to get over him. Not hating you doesn't mean he wants you back. Especially when you attack everyone around you, I don't think you good enough for him.. get over him.. please help what should i do i am such nice person but there making me angry my ex friends


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  • U seems like a much caring nice person u can't change that it's in u & that's so nice... anyway U just ignore them cuz these kind of people is being jealous from u & believe me they're worth it u just move on & do whatever u want & don't care about them... I used to be like that but unfortunately I lost all of my friends cuz they were like that cuz i couldn't take it... now I have new ones but I am so becareful with them I mean I don't tell anybody my secrets & i do whatever that I wanna do & im really happy.


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  • As a wise lady once said, "Haters gon Hate.. and fakers gon fake..."


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