It still bugs me every-time I see HER sad... WHY? Is this even normal for a guy?

Thing is, i broke up with my ex a few months back, she cheated, then accused me of being an ass-whole, a douche-bag e. t. c, i was shuttered, decided to let it be, i just left... i was mostly pissed-off by the fact that, even through the misery she done put me in i still cared! ALOT!! the fact that she couldn't see the love uh was giving to her screwed me over... now here's the fucked up part, the guy she actually went for fucked her over real bad and left... then she started contacting me afterwards, i blocked her... yup, i was pissed... now the thing is... every-time i see her in class, i die alil bit inside, the pain in her eyes kills me all the tym... i shouldn't be worried coz i mean she brought it to herself right? but i am... i truly die inside everytime i see her walking alone! im always surrounded by pretty girls, trust me, alot! but still... i cnt handle seeing HER sad... it kills me... WHY? Is that even normal? What should i do?


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  • it's because you still have feelings for her and care about her. I definitely think it's normal. But I also don't think you should let it get to you. What she did to you was wrong and if you go back to her, it just shows her she can do it again and you'll still be there. don't go back to her but yea it's normal.


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