Just moved out my girlfriends place...What do I do?

I moved out because we were fighting all he time and we had a couple real bad fights that scared me because she hit me. She seemed resentful towards me the last 2 weeks were together we've only been together 4 months, so I moved out when she went to her mom's for the weekend. Part of me is broken but another part of me still loves her and her son he's 2 in march. Told her I just need time to get my head straight, we fought even more past month even fighting everyday over nothing, slightest things seems to flip her over the edge so I was becoming scared of her trying to please her but nothing seemed to matter, even though she says she still loves me, guess I'm just hurting and confused and I don't like being alone neither does she. Been moved out 5 days and doesn't seem like she wants to wait any longer for me. Don't really know what I'm asking. She's wanting to cut me out completely but I don't think it's fair, but I don't know I don't want to hurt her or her little boy anymore
I still go visit all the time but she says it hurts her too much for to come and then just leave


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  • If that kid is yours then you should try harder to save the relationship otherwise I don't think she's the right girl for you.

    • Not mine but I considered him mine he real father was just a sermon donor

    • Sperm donor stupid auto correct

    • Bro it solely depends upon your love. She's not a well mannered lady but no denying that she loves you. Only you can decide your ultimate decision.

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