Please help with horrible thoughts?

Ok this is so horrible i feel like a very bad person but its something that I have to share. my last 4 partners have all left me for Asian woman. it has left me with such resentment that i am now having horrible and nasty thoughts about myself and how i can't compare with these woman. im normally such a placid person. but i have such angry in me towards these woman now its taking over my life like a phobia. every day i compare myself to their beauty i can't compete. one my partners even said they are more petite and classy then me as im a normal person with a normal job and not socially acceptable in his rich circles. i cry every day now and can't find a solution. what do you do when you can't compete? Just give up and live a lonely life because you aren't good enough x really need help to end this torment x
Thank you for all your opinions x i really thought everyone would think im a horrible person. im not big by the way im a size 8 uk or 4 i think in the us. its a big thing in the uk like you are seen as a big star with an Asian lady on your arm. the thing is i dont want to hate anyone let alone a whole race. it is so hard to let it go though i have a huge problem with acceptance of something that seems so unfair x


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  • I could probably use more information in order to accurately determine what is going on here. I will say this though, highly westernized feminized women are not attractive to many western men presumably because of their attitude.

    If you act like you don't need a man of that they are not beneficial to you then you can probably safely bet they will be less inclined to be around you. It also depends on your type. If your type is dominant masculine males and you constantly act stubborn then they are probably going to grow very tired of you very quickly and pursue a woman that is more submissive.

    Such is life.

    • That could be true but im infact quite girly and very caring. my friends often say im too soft. i think its more that i dont feel i can personally match up to the typical Asian lady because im not them. i am small and petite but obviously not exotic or as seen in the uk classy x

    • Mmm confidence could be the problem then. You'd be VERY surprised how far confidence goes with men. Also do you think maybe you're stubborn or you put too much pressure on them or nag them?

      Guys usually go to Asian women primarily for their cultural values on family and submission, to an extent. As far as looks go as long as you're healthy guys go after women period. It's biology.

      I mean I guess it's possible your type is guys that just like Asian women but that seems very unlikely to me.

      I'm not British by birth but half of my descension is British so I'm pretty sure it's not genetic.

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  • Please never compare yourself to anyone. He's not a good guy for saying such a thing so why would you want to be with him? They are human just like you and if the guy is going to discriminate, let him but you are you and sure as hell matter. You need to build up your self worth. What they think of you doesn't matter. Its what you think of yourself that does.


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  • Don't let other people's idea of ├žlassy affect your life. Maybe you can get yourself into good physical shape; you won't be a size 0 like a lot of Asian girls, but you'll be a lot stronger and can beat them at arm wrestling. Maybe these guys as well.

  • You really need to let go of these thoughts. Stop comparing yourself to other women, Asian or otherwise.

    My ex cheated on me with a 60 year old man. Does that mean that old fart is better than me? Of course not. Just giving you an example.

  • Sorry you feel this way. Every girl is special in her own way, if your ex couldn't see the special in you move on, he wasn't worth your time in the first place. Ex's are ex's, they are in your past, step up and be YOU and find your next guy. Who cares about them, live YOUR life, and stop comparing yourself to others. Be the BEST YOU you can be. (All you really an be, if you think about it)


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