How long after a breakup should I wait to try to get my boyfriend back?

My ex and I dated for 6 months. Just this Saturday, I sent him a text asking if he was okay because I felt like he was distant. He said he's just been so busy with everything going on in school, sports, etc that he barely had time for me. He said he feels bad that he can't give me the attention I deserve and spend more time with me. I told him that was okay because I am very busy too, and throughout our relationship we only spent time together like once a week out of school. So he just kept saying that it's not fair to me, so I suggested we break up. He said we can break up and if that doesn't work we can get back together. We also decided we want to stay friends and keep sitting with each other in classes and all that. So it was mutual and kind of out of nowhere but it was fine. Now when I see him in school though it's so hard for me to act just as friends. He will come up to me and sit with me in classes and look okay, but it's so hard for me to act like nothing happened, especially because I still love him a lot. I don't want to lose him but it's so hard for me to act normal with him. He still texts me every once in a while, like I was sick off school for two days so he told me to feel better and caught me up on some stuff. I just want to know what I can say to him to hint that I would like to try things again. Because I know he still cares for me, I just don't know if he wants to try a relationship again when he doesn't have a lot of time. I still would like to try though. Thank you :)
We're both 17 and in high school by the way
Any help would be truly appreciated!
It was hard to spend time together cause I live like 40 minutes from him and a lot of the time he didn't have a car to drive me


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  • I'm sorry but that's no excuse for him. When a guy truly likes a girl he will do anything he can to spend time with that girl. He might "care" about you as a friend but that's it nothing like true affection. You can ask him if he's ready to try it again and if not just slowly start forgetting about him. You are only 17 and will have many more guy experiences trust me.


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