Does she still miss me? And want me back?

Hello there! Sorry for my not-so-perfect English , I'm from Finland so...

Long story short. My ex-girlfriend chased me one year before we started dating. She sent me handwritten letters etc etc, did literally everything to get me! Then we met, started dating... Over time, I realized she is great and we get along so well, everything was fine, just perfect! I realized that she is the woman of my dreams, so I started to have this "fear of loss". I started to fear if I ever loose this fantastic girl. So... I became needy, very jealous, possessive etc. I totally changed! We were together for about two years and she was the one who wanted it to end.

Now it has been two years from our break up but we are still on good terms and she is contacting me every now and then. We had a great phone call yesterday and she admitted I have been on her mind. She even calls me her soul mate and says that no-one could understand her like me. We laughed a lot on the phone and had great time. Few months ago she even suggested that we should meet. Everytime she contacts me, I make the mistake. I start to chase her, write her very long emotional messages etc. She knows that I love her and want her back! These two years she has always been contacting me every now and then, reminiscing our past and saying great things about me, but it's not going anywhere.

What should I do? I said that I love her and adore her and I don't want to be just a friend. Should I just leave her alone and wait that she suggest a meeting again and then agree. She's dating other men but still keeps contacting me and says we have "special connection". How do I stop this circle and get her back?

So confused...


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  • Hello, in my opinion, sorry to say that i don't think she loves you now. She is dating with his boyfriend but still contact with you. Try to put yourself in her shoes. If she wanna get back together while you have a new girlfriend.

    • If you miss and love your ex, what would be your choice?If she really love you, she won't ingore the chance which could get back together. She may miss the feeling of the past, but not the person..

    • What should you do?I think you already done, you have told her you loved her. I think she wanna keep you as her friend, but not boyfriend. Trust me, she'll be back without any effort if she still love you. Whoever is meant to be there, will still be there. Good luck and remember: don't let those little part of your life ruin your day.

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