How to end things with a girl that I have been hot with for a few months now?

She was very concerned about having sex with me. We've had some problems, but now I am a bit done with our "hanging out". We always have to go somewhere, I always spend money for her and her friends. I am pretty worn out. I would like to stay at home and relax over the weekend.

She's very bossy (I don't like) and when there's communication problems between us, she blames me. I really like spending time with her and we have fun, but I feel we are too different. She's a bit hesitant when I kiss her in public.

So lately I've been making the mistake to text her more and be really affectionate, when I should just back off.

Thoughts on how I should do it?


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  • Just be honest with her. That's truly the best way to handle things. Don't keep being affectionate, just talk to her. Let her know how you feel.

    • What do I tell her? Just not that I to her anymore?

    • Just be honest. Say what you have said here, though maybe a bit nicer. Just say you don't think you two are compatible. That you have fun with her but don't see this thing going anywhere. Straight and to the point.

  • Been there, done that
    you've been feeding a large dog treats and now find that you're running out... and the consequences = OUCH
    All this points to her NOT wanting to be hampered shopping for a BF by your PDAs but she loves your free ride and even "gives" this to others w/no compensation = you are her mule, please don;t kiss me mule, am here just for the ride

    So dude, what does a mule DO when he's had enough?
    Not a farm boy? Google should have some clues or
    think what does a car do when out of gas?
    It's as simple as that.
    No more rides?
    I may pout & I may shout & give you the boot.. but if that doesn't work
    I'm afoot

    • So just it her off?

    • Stop your services
      who wants to ride a mule that's sitting down, can't be moved?

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