How do I get over this guy?

I just texted someone I used to have a really complicated thing with that I'm done. He got really complicated and got distant, lied to me, and used me. But also has been very sweet and kind. But I'm done, so I told him we won't hookup anymore. It hasn't been very long since I texted him, but he hasn't responded. But I do want to know how to start getting over him?


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  • Just don't think about HIM, his messages, or sending him any messages, that's the first thing you could do in the process.

    • I'm not sending him anything else. I stopped following him on Instagram (but he follows me), I unadded him on SnapChat (but he still has me and can still see my stories, I just can't see his things and we can't send each other stuff). He hasn't said anything to what I told him last night. Knowing him, he's probably not going to say anything - just stew in bad emotions.

    • Then you are on right path...

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