breaking up in a nice way?

hey friends,
this guy is really nice but am not into him at all
we started dating 2 months after i had had a terrible breakup. At first felt like i loved him but seems i was desperate and lonely.
i just don't feel comfortable with the relationship he also acts weirdly when i am with him especially during day time; he doesn't love public display of affection during day time but prefers doing it at night.
he acts mysterious most times. How do i break up with him nicely and which place exactly? i will be glad if you help me. THANKS


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  • Being clear and assertive is the nicest way to break up. Anything else undermines a person's value and being. Sure it feels wrong.. but it's the right thing to do. Keep things in perspective


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  • Its better to break up in person. I never understood why people break up with other people over a text I don't get it. Just come straight out and tell him how you feel and be honest. Don't right it on a sheet of paper, don't break up with him over a text, just come straight out and say it.

  • Its nicer to break up in person than over text. Just tell them how you feel and be honest. Ask if you can still be friends ONLY if you actually still will be friends. If you tell them we'll still be friends and never talk they'll feel betrayed


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