Should I tell all?

My wife cheated on me, I kicked her out and am divorcing her! However, she cheated on me with 6 other men over the course of year.

She now living with one of these men, Another is a swinger along with his wife, have 2 children. Another just got engaged before Christmas - The others have partners that I don't know about. Another party she been sleeping with has a very religious wife and again two children

Should I be public and let the world know of my wives behaviour and destroy these other relationships and families. How can I keep this secret. Knowing these guys are being unfaithful and hurting their families. Would it not be better to tell them, especially this girl who might get married that she is making a mistake marrying a cheating scum bag!

Quite a few of the partners are being very supportive to my wife which makes me laugh, if only they knew the truth. So people What do I do!!! Do i keep quite and feel guilty about keeping this a secret and no preventing others from making mistakes. Or do I share what I know and the evidence to the other parties? How do I do this without it being seen as a way of getting back at my wife for her cheating. I just want to do the right thing even if that is just walking away!


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  • No. Move on with your life.


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  • Look at it from a logical point of view. She fucked somebody else because she found it fun and exciting, that's perfectly natural behaviour. What is the real problem? Look inside yourself, and give yourself an honest answer. Is it jealousy, insecurity that your woman found another man attractive? Well guess what she's been finding other men attractive since the day you met her.
    Address your jealousy and live life according to nature, not new age bullshit social conditioning. You can still have a happy, lasting, loving relationship while she's seeing other guys on occasion and you can see other women. It will make your relationship so much stronger.


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  • It's simple really. Are any of these people your friends or people you would care about if your wife wasn't with them? If yes, then tell them. If no, then just walk away. The choices they make are the ones they will live with.

  • Revenge accomplishes nothing. Let it go.

    • This. Ultimately it won't feel as good as you think it will.

  • I will say do what you prefer listen to your heart if you want to say to all just say it its ok every action have reaction it's minimal thing to tell the people they're all cheaters you dont need to feel bad alone bcoz they bring this shit to your life blow it tell their wife's Why not?

    But it's up to you if want move then move if want to tell all tell them its your choise


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