I'm afraid my boyfriend won't love me the same way?

my boyfriend and I have been dating for 4 months and we just broke up last night I'm afraid that he won't love me the same way even though we're back together again he told me I was an evil person because I broke his heart which I completely understand and I asked him to forgive me and he said he couldn't do that which I also understand but then he said that something in his head told him that our love is true love in that we need to be together basically and so he told me that he take me back even though that he takes me back I still feel like he's not going to love me the same way he did before and I just feel like he's going to put up a guard against me can anyone relate or give me any opinions on what you think I love him more than anything I instantly fell in love with him and I just don't want this interfere with what we had before.


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  • You just need to cut off all of your contact with him.
    I also had a breakup just yesterday, I'm not gonna see her ever again because I know we won't be able to treat each other the same way like we used to do before.

    You move on once and for all, don't look back.
    That's the only mantra to live by, if you want to be happy in your life.

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    • You seem like a great guy. They really lost out. Thank you so much for the advice I really do appreciate it :)

    • No worries :)

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  • That's all normal if you can't sleep and you've been crying he was your first love. But you have to give yourself time to move on, and distance yourself from him. You have to move on somehow. It doesn't make sense to stay with someone who doesn't value you or even love like they used to. I understand he was your first love my ex was to but I've moved on. Cut off all contact with him, delete his number block his number, and delete him off of any other social network. It will help you move on. Whatever reminds you of him weather it be a stuffed animal or something or a card or a love letter throw it away. If you two see each other daily, act like he doesn't exist like you don't even see him I did it and it worked wonders for me. I understand letting go of your first love is hard I've been there done but there are some many other great guys out there that can love you and treat you right. Cutting off all contact really helps to move on. Time is also a big one when you are trying to move on and heal from a break up. I would just let him go if I were you, it doesn't make sense to stay. You'll find someone else someday. Keep walking and never look back. Best of luck


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  • You cheated on him didn't you? Oh lawdy lawd. Young one's these days... Look here sweety swewenteen oldsey... You have to work hard also not convince him alone but importantly yourself too that you are growing and make sure you are there as he grows and that he will make mistakes too. Otherwise taking you back he is doing it because he feels sorry for you. Like he said you are evil and unlikely that will change so you might have to pump your brakes and not expect much, you ruined it @oct-21

    • I would never cheat on him. he told me that he had nothing because of me so I told him sorry for ruining your life and I won't do it anymore. I was just trying to make him happy but it seems like he's not happy either way.

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