He cheated on me and can't even look me in the eyes?

It's been a month since I've found out. At first, he denied it but weeks later he admit he did cheat on me. We were together for a month and he cheated. We had liked each other for a year already.

Now, he's with the girl he cheated on me with. The other day he told me he was not happy but my friends told it's because he thinks the new girl he's with doesn't love him.

I hate how he can't even say my name or he can't even look me in the damn eyes. He tries to make jokes but I just ignore him.

Also the other day we were with our friends and they decided to smoke and they asked if I wanted one and he was there watching me but I said no and he looked relieved and left.

I want to know your opinion. Do you guys think he just wants to be friend, he feels guilty or he's still in love with me?


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  • The way i see it he's a douche. But he seems to still be concerned for you so there might be some lingering feelings somewhere. He could also just be unhappy with his relationship and wants to get back with you. Either way if a guy never apologizes and wants to get back with you or still be your friend id say forget about him he doesn't really show maturity for hurting you

    • Thank you for replying & he did apologize a few times and I told him I forgave him but I actually don't. I thought forgiving him would make me feel better but it didn't.

    • Yeah when people cheat its hard to forgive considering that we gave trust to someone who misused it. Just move on and have that experience first hand so that it doesn't happen again

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  • He is scarred/guilty He's scarred cause he might of lost the love of his life and guilty since he did get caught up in his web of bullshit and maybe realize how un-girlfriend material the other girl is You deserve better


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  • Who cares why.
    His romantic life is no longer your business. He's out banging this hot chick while you're stuck in the love spell.
    What else is going on in your life. That answer is probably nothing. Hence why you're surveillancing his life


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