Uhhhh why can't I let her go?

So my ex and I broke up about a month and half ago. Ended on fairly mutual terms and good terms at that. Although we don't speak anymore. I know she had a new partner just weeks after we broke up. As much as it was hard to deal with finding out it gave me some closure. Not to hold on or wait for an uncertain future. I've come to the realisation we are over and unlikely to get back together for a few reasons to individually do with each other. So why us it so so damn hard when ever I'm alone to get her out if my head? She wasn't a bad person and I don't hate her in fact I still have feelings towards her to a degree. I'm aware we only broke up not too long ago but I'm moving on and majority of the time I'm feeling fine. But whenever I'm alone I can't stop thinking of her with her new partner etc. and our past memories. How do I eliminate her from my mind quicker?


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  • Because you're obsessed and broken hearted under the love spell.
    you don't have anything else going on in your life. There is no balance in your life. You revolved everything around this relationship. If you hadn't you would be out partying with your buds banging hotter chicks.
    But right now all that's in your head is

    "All I want is you and only you"

    • It's not that there's nothing going on in my life though or that I'm under some kind if love spell that makes me want get and only her. I can safely say I wouldn't say yes if she were to come back to me. I don't want the relationship back it was unstable. I want to work on my self and move on. The problem is I can't stop analysing the past with her. I just want to eliminate that aspect if it not her completely because we may be friends in the future

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ginx7WKq5GE

    Delete her off your Facebook; get rid of anything that reminds you of her if possible. Focus on yourself and hang out with your friends. Part of you still wanted to be with her, and of course you have strong feelings for her. Thus, it's hard to let her go. Additionally, she was a big part of your life.

    • Yeah I understand I need patience and need to get out and work on myself and have fun. I've been doing all these things and everything for the most part seems to be going great. But I still can't completely forget about her this us the issue. Like I says I don't any her back. I just want to stop reminiscing and over analysing her new relationship

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    • You can; you just don't want to. It's going to take time. Be patient. You'll get better.

    • Yeah I think I just need a little more patience haha

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