When a someone has a crush on you, but you didn't like them, she got over you and they deleted you off FB. How would you feel?

So say a person had a huge crush on you, but you were a bit of an arse and they got over you. After a while, they deleted you off Facebook.

How would you feel?
Please tell the truth and say what is in your heart of hearts.
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  • I would be relieved.
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  • I would be a little sad.
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  • I would be surprised.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I would have to say this has happened to me, I'm already not very good at having conversations by my shyness so the whole thing seems bigger than what it seems to be. I got depressed and I stayed there for a long time, I wanted this person to like me again but it hasn't happened yet, I doubt that it ever will. She cutoff all contact continues to ignore me. Seems happy with her loser boyfriend or makes it seem that way (but it sounds to me she isn't really happy with him) you can tell. There's some here that know what I'm talking about when I say that


Most Helpful Girl

  • That person is so sensitive. I would be a little angry.


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  • People move on. Not sure why this is such a surprise to you. You don't get to cherry pick

  • Normal... Why would someone I don't like or value have any sort of impact on me?


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