Why is my ex doing this to me?

So me and my ex were together for 2 Years. Everything was perfect. Until a few months ago she kept ignoring me texts and calls. And we rarely saw each other. Come to find out her ex was trying to get her back and it worked. We broke up and now there together. So I went about 3 weeks with the no contact. Then she texts me out of the blue and tells me she made a mistake. I then go on to say that I understand and we can work it out. But she has to cut off all strings attached to her ex. She then denies. Everything and wants me to leave her alone. Then today she posts up a picture of her and her bf kissing saying she loves him to death. Why is she doing this to me? I'm trying to move on. Why would she even message me.


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  • To be honest, she just wants to know you still love her. It's quite shitty that she can date you for 2 years and then one day leave you so easily. It's nice that you're so forgiving, but I don't think it's someone you should want, you can't be treated like a door mat, and toyed with. I would be done with her, and her games, her and her ex can be happy, whether they work out or not, you shouldn't be there for her to fall on if they don't. She's being really selfish, and could just be immature when it comes to dealing with people on a confrontation level. You deserve to be happy, don't settle for anyone who isn't willing to appreciate you.


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