Is this his way of telling me it's over?

I really don't know where to began on my questions. Basically I've been with the guy I thought was my boyfriend for almost three years. He moved out of state almost 4 months ago. Over time I hve began to notice that his efforts to reach out to me have become less and less. I would be the one to initiate our conversations and now he never responds to my emails , my messages on Facebook which I can see that he has seen them, he never tells me he loves me anymore. I'm just really heartbroken and now I wake up to see that he has changed his relationship status to widowed for everyone to see including females that are always commenting dirty things under his picture including his ex. I'm really pissed that instead of stringinging me along he didn't just breakup with me. I feel like he's very selfish because he knows that it's no problem for me to get someone else if I wanted to because I'm a very attractive girl, but he also knows that when I'm in a relationship I give it my complete all and I don't see other guys. I just want to know what you guys think about this situation


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  • He clearly does not look interested anymore, I'm sorry.

    • Exactly what I thought

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    • Thank You sooo much for your input and it's just strange how things like this happen but I surely will do so much better

    • You're welcome. And best of luck for future endeavors. :)

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  • I am sorry for your situation but he is being a jerk and doesn't have the guts to actually tell you to your face that it's over.

    I think he is going to find something new, ensure that it works, and then tell you that he has moved on. He will keep you "there" until the new situ proves it's going somewhere.

    • I understand exactly what u are saying and I've also be feeling like I've been forgotten for a while inspite of him saying he hasn't forgotten about me but as I stated above actions speak louder than words. He has completly been ignoring me then now to say he's widowed smh that's fine and I feel like he has been holding on to me to keep another guy from having me

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  • Yeah move on my dear


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