Why do I care about who my ex bf likes?

me and my ex broke up months ago, reconnected after 5 months and then i stopped talking to him again cause of various amounts of reason. simply felt like i was being used so i stopped texting back. anyways, i see on Twitter that he's always talking about another girl, and she favorites its so i figure out who the girl is. I'm a little jealous, but she's a freshman and he's a senior so I'm not full on jealous but why do i care so much?


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  • Because you're clingy, next question please. No really, if you thought you're "simply being used" why are you looking at his Facebook. Plus he's always talking about another girl so you know he's not interested in you either. Get over it, move on, there's plenty of fish in the sea.

    • I mean you can talk about a new girl and still be interested in your ex to some degree but okay lmao

    • Downvoted for telling the truth, guess lying gets you places?

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  • Well if you still remain in contact with your ex after a break up that'll only remind you of him again and again and will affect your self confidence and self worth.
    That's why they say , cut all of your ties with them after a break up to heal and move forward.

    You're not allowing yourself for healing.
    He already moved on unlike you and you should do the same instead of stalking him further.

  • Guys usually talks about freshman girls.. I think you are getting jealous..

    • Yes I know I am lol but I don't want him so what is there to be jealous of, thats where I'm confused lol

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