Is this a subtle move on/stay away from me, or just being polite?

Was dating a girl and she brushed me off, no drama... she added I am fabulous, wildly funny and an amazing person and she sees a lovely lady in my near future... Do you think this is just softening the blow, or a subtle stay the fuck out of my life... I havn't chased after her or begged or spoke since, just let it be... just curious
Ohh yeah, she brushed me off just saying she had some news and was too confused to date anyone atm


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  • No one can say... All that matters is really what you know to be true about yourself... I know its hard to hear. But in time you will see its true. Cause imagine if she had said something bad, would it mean you'd have to take it as your personal truth?

    • Cheers, love the honesty

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    • Love a second shot down the road, but yeah who knows the future

    • Maybe you won't even give her a thought. Try that possibility... You deserve someone who just wants you period

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