I loved someone a lot. I gave Importance to him than anything else. He left me for 1 beautiful girl. How to forget him?

He was my colg mate. We were not frds in colg. After completion of my engineering, he sent me frd req in Facebook. We became frds. I gave him more importance in life. I felt love for him. He was a big flirt. Always roaming with beautiful girls in bike. If I was asking something, he was giving reasons. One day I proposed him in what's app itself. He accepted. Daily we were chatting. Last Sunday, I met him. After meeting me, he changed completely. I am not beautiful girl. I am bit dark and I told him about my ugliness before meeting itself. Now he changed. He is meeting other girl and updating her pics and new romantic status with her. I had a fight with him for that. 4 days passed. No message from him. He forgot me. Even I want to forget him now. But to forget him. I am missing him a lot. Anyone Please help me. Please give me a solution.


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  • jus keep yourself busy in you, girls usually are keen to maintain themselves so do it nd try to hate him because he did worst to you


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