Should I break up with my girlfriend?

My gf has been harassed for a long time by an online admirer. She stopped tolerating his flirtatious behaviour after a while, and claimed to have given him an ultimatum, saying that she would sever all contact with him if he continued to play with her emotions. But this guy continues with his harassment, and even accuses me of lying to her (basically i told her that he is infatuated with many girls and not just her), she defended me vigorously but also felt sorry for accusing him of flirting with other girls.
She was so troubled that she had to visit the grave of a dead friend to seek spiritual solace. And when i suggested that she sever all contact, she refused. I continued to press her, but she said that such methods wouldn't help. She said that she wanted to turn over a new leaf (yeah, thats how apologetic she feels towards this bastard), but can't bring herself to get him out of her life. Had she loved me a little less, this bastard could've driven a wedge between us.
So what i do about this? Basically, i think i could either hack this buffoon's pc and wreck his life, or else give her an ultimatum of my own-kick him out of your life or find somebody else who can put up with your emotional self-mutilation, because i can't. Or maybe i could just suffer in silence, but im not that kind of a guy.
Sorry for the long question, but i need some help, friends, thanks :)


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  • yes why are you with her if she isn't for you and is with him say look blah and dump her

    • She isn't with him, didn't i make that clear? She just isn't hard enough on him

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    • shouldn't

    • fine don't

What Guys Said 1

  • If you really love her never think of leaving her but you can leave her if its just a casual relationship

    • I love her a lot, it just hurts me whenever this guy messes with her emotions, its not fair for a person as nice as her to suffer like that... but i dont want her to act like this big emotional hero and continue to be lenient with him

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    • Yes boss, his pc will most definitely be blowing up soon... i'd be a bad bf if i didn't intervene when i have to...

    • Okay that's the spirit never leave someone when they need you

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