Ex talking to me about his relationship problems?

Okay so my ex gets in contact with me yesterday after a few months of NC. He apologises & we have a good chat. He said about maybe catching up some time & also asked if I was seeing anyone. things looked good. He was initiating the conversation & even when I tried to end it he carried it on.

Well he now has messaged me again today but talk about his relationship problems!!! I was fine with the most off it but once he brought up the girl he used as a rebound from our relationship I had to grit my teeth. His story also seemed to change constantly & for the most part it seemed as if he was trying to make me jealous. Why would an ex even bring up his relationship issues with you? Does anyone see this as completely odd & strange?


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  • He just confides in you because you are what he has in a world that is surprisingly cold to him. Any ear is better than none for humans.


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