How do I hid this?

How can I hid I'm pregnant from my abusive husband? If he finds out I'm pregnant he'll kill me and the baby. We're in the very beginning process of divorce and the is his but I don't want him to know until after cause he'll want custody and he will hurt the baby too.


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  • dont throw up


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  • Move out straight away and get a restraining order.
    Live with people who care for you and want you to be safe and will protect you.
    You will most likely get the custody anyways because he is crazy and restraining order should help to keep him away.

    Try to get this divorce through as quickly as possible. Hide your belly when it starts to grow. As soon as possible cut all contacts with him. Change your number. Move to another location.

    • This. Please look for crisis hotlines, or centers in your area.

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