Why would he refuse to block me if he doesn't want anything with me?

We broke up, he said he never loved me, then we fought, anyway now we are suppose to be on good terms but he is very distant with me, and I asked him to block me but he refuses to do it, and said that I'm so weird.


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  • why don't u block him

    • because I don't want his number on my phone, and I'm weak so everytime I tried I ended unblocking hhim.

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    • this is endless, as i said step back and rest urself by filling the emptiness in ur life

    • ty for MHO :)

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  • u rnt worth it


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  • I'm confuse. Delete his info if you don't want to see it in your phone? Is he calling you, if do delete his info and block him. Why should he block you unless you are pestering him, which I assume you aren't?


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