Update on my situation! After our break upOf 2 years being together now a month apart a and what now is he thinking?

So if has been almost a month since we broke up, I recently posted about how we used to go out for two years and story short I find out through his location history he was cheating and when I confronted him he told me and left.
Currently we were living with his mom so he left and I'm with her now with our child.
We made schedules and visitations also child support. When we had to sit down and meet about it he was very angry and seemed so worked up, I was calm till he pushed my buttons and then he sat back and listened.
We started laughing and we're having fun. He could look at me and smile and every now and then look away as much as my heart hurt I stayed firm. He then went to go get money for child support and his mom told him that if I ever wanted to move back home I could. He then came back and freaked out on me but didn't tell me why he was so angry till his mom told me whenever he left to work. He and I only speak about our child and haven't spoken about anything else for a month. His mom told me she spoke to him this week few days ago asking why he did this. He said he didn't like that he was put down, didn't feel good enough, and the arguing. His mom asked if he still loved me and he said yes mom I still love her but I don't wanna go back to those problems. She asked him a final queatjon saying are you seeing your new girl and he said no we are just friends. He told her about Alabama and he lives here so he hasn't seen her. It doesn't make sense cause during our break up in the beginning he was looking up do I love her ( his new gf) love songs and poetry for her. He shows no sign in missing me, and if that was the issue I wish he told me. I knew he's bery upfront with his mom and can be good or bad. i know he asks her questions about me and wants to know why I don't answer him, even when it's random. Now I don't know what to think, he never lies to his mom he's upfront good or bad. I wonder anymore if he cares or regrets it.


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