Does not talking to your ex for a long time make him miss you?

we madeout and got touchy. later, i didn't feel like his intentions with talking to me again were genuine so i cut him off again (stopped texting)
we haven't talked in a month. sometimes i wonder if he misses me. i miss/think of him all the time. lol its annoying.
if you were in this situation, would you?


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  • ı am sorry my English not very well , your ex wanted to make love wıth you , and you didn't want to make it. ı got ıt true?

    • Its ok. i don't know, he probably did and no i didn't want to.

    • why didn't you want to ıt? he didn't attract you. or are you virgin? why didn't you want?

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  • I've been in that situation before but after not talking to my ex for about 5 months he came back to me. Sometimes when you avoid them and you cut off all contact with them they'll come back. Sometimes you just have to let it be.


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  • He's over you.

    • how you know?

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    • We went 5 months without talking right after I broke up with him before and ended up talking again for awhile so...
      Lol Im too scared to message him...

    • It might put your mind at rest

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