Ex needed a break and told me to change, when and how do I get her back?

Being a high school freshman having relationships from the start is a bad idea and it's hard to maintain one. But my ex broke up with me because I nagged and annoyed her also pulling pranks. Due to the fact that she wasn't affectionate and spent time with me. Rather be with her friends 80% of the day. I stayed loyal, gave her tons of gifts but she didn't give back. She'd say she loved me but never shown it. But recently after giving her space a week later we were in class, watching a movie she came up to me to share seats and told me she was cold and having period cramps, as a gentleman I comforted her and she looked up and me and said "you know I still love you right. I love this girl to death and tried my best to be the greatest boyfriend ever she's the one who has a perfect everything.

But I don't know what to do, change my behavior and get back together and hope she'd be more affectionate or move on.
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More about her: She's more of a say than do type of person she said she would buy me a Valentine's gift and one for Christmas but never did. She say she loves me and cares about me but rarely show it. She likes to be different and stay away from basic. Also she talks about cute guys a lot even when we were together and right in front of me too. But claimed she just thinks thier cute and not have a crush on them. She hangs out with mostly females though she has 2 or 3 bff guy friends.


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  • From what you have said she considered you as a personal door Matt. I don't know if you see it as such but with a 100% vote as to your moving on being the best for you to do. Truth is you may indeed still have feeling for her and that's great but in my opinion you should just move on down the line and find a girl that will appreciate what this other girl squandered and took advantage of.


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