Was this insulting to tell your fwb? Was I a bitch?

I broke it with friends with benefits relationship. I told him we're not compatible. He said he wanted to speak to me. I told him he's an attractive guy and I'm sure he wouldn't have a problem finding someone else. He kept begging and I told him i don't understand what he wants because i don't want a friends with benefits and is not like I'm irreplaceable when there's plenty of girls out there. He's only seeing me. I told him he only had me physically. .. is not like we had communication, emotions, or were mentally involve. Do i make sense?
I told him about him that we had no communication, or emotion involve, so i don't get the prob


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  • You kind of threw him out on to the curb without listening to him. He needs some closure. You can at least give him that, right?

    • I just told him i wasn't no longer comfortable with the friends with benefits .

      I wanted to tell him i deserve better, a guy who wants to get to know me for me but then that sounds offending

    • You should tell him that because it sounds like he may have feelings for you because he wanted to speak to you about it.

    • And is also the fact that I feel horrible hsving to put my clothes on and walk off to the pits. He's like like "take care"

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  • He might of caught the feels for you or he could just be too lazy to find another girl to sleep with. You have every right to stop a friends with benefits relationship because there's no emotions behind it. Don't sweat it.


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  • How come you explained it in detail to us but not to him?

    • I did tell him everything i wrote here

    • I told him about the not being communication, emotions so it should be easy

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