I just broke up with my long distance boyfriend.. what do I do?

Me and him have been dating for almost a year (4 days away..) and we broke up yesterday. It was mainly because i couldnt cope with the distance anymore and was unsure of my feelings, but im starting to seriously regret it. The break up was kind of mutual, but more on my side..
I know that we probably shouldn't get back together.. but i miss him so much I can't even cope with the idea of not having him anymore..


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  • Hi hun!
    I've experienced the same. Do NOT get back with him together if you doubted on loving him. Sadly, long-distance relationships hardly work.
    You may feel like you regret it but that's just because you miss him.. It seems like your life has drastically changed since (I guess) both of you used to talk on a daily basis.
    Try to distract yourself by doing things you enjoy, that will help you to move on. Good luck xox


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