Why do I dream about my ex every time I sleep?

I dumped him 5 days ago. I do still have feelings for him and I know that, but I'll never, EVER go back. I can't.
Every time I sleep, I have multiple dreams about him. Sometimes during a dream, I wake up a few times and go back to sleep, only to continue the dream right where I left off. It's strange because even though I miss him being near me, I'm so much happier without him. I don't understand because when I've had crushes back in highschool, I used to will myself to dream of them but I never would.
Why do I keep dreaming of him?


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  • Can I ask why did you break up with him?

    • He was very controlling. He wouldn't let me leave the house or have friends. He slapped me a few times. But on top of that, he was very loving and did everything for me, too.

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    • You're right. I know that some minor jealousy and selfishness in a relationship is very cute, but controlling behavior isn't. I very much do still have feelings for him, but perhaps it's because I was so used to him. It's hard picturing anyone else to wake up next to in the mornings. Thanks for your advice. :)

    • My pleasure. Maybe have a talk with him and tell him he needs to change... Tell him you care and don't wanna be without him and tell him needs to stop putting his hands on you because your not his punching and and he needs to learn to trust you and give you your freedom. Maybe it might get through to him but if not then I guess leave and try not to look back. 😐

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  • You said yourself... you still have feelings for him. That's why you still dream about him. I can relate 100%. Also dumped my last ex in January and I don't regret it for one second BUT at same time it was common for me to still think about him sometimes and miss certain elements of us being together. This changed when I met the guy I'm currently dating though.


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  • Subconsciously you still have feelings for him.


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