Its been 6-7 months?

its been about 6-7 months now that my boyfriend and i have broke up and im still hurting like it was yesterday. i fell like im still in the same spot that i was back when it happened. we were together for 2 years and were friends for 2 years. i saw him go into the navy and come out and saw him go through his divorce. after his divorce, that is when we got together. we had a house picked out together. we had savings accounts joined so we could save for the house. before the break up, we had gotten into a fight and didn't hear from him for a couple of days, then one Sunday i texted im because some stuffed he had ordered had been delivered to my house and sent me a long text about how he wasn't ready to be in a relationship and the he would text me when he ready to be seriously. about 3 weeks later i found out that he had already started a new relationship with someone else, that he had cheated on me and threw me away in 3 weeks and blocked me from Facebook. he then texted me to say happy birthday, all i said was thanks and he got mad proceeded to tell me that everything i did for him for the past 4 years were not good enough for him and how he just didn't want to be with me anymore or have anything to do with me. i get everyday that i need to move on and get over it but im having the hardest time doing that, how can someone throw someone away in 3 weeks that youve known for 4 +years and be completely ok with life?


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  • That's how guys are sometimes. Do what you have to do to forget. Date other people, stay busy, etc.


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  • I'm sorry for your pain. I'm going through this now. He basically started a whole new life like I don't even exist. I don't know what to tell you that makes it easier just let yourself heal that's what I'm trying to do


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