I miss her, and that's just.. "sweet"? Uh oh?

Summary. Ex left me, came back after ayear. Ileft ex, wanted her back, became backup plan to new bf (wtfff?). We were in loose contact until she decided to stay with new guy, who she's having steady problems with. So ihave a friend doing an inside job, and though I SPECIFICALLY said, dont tell her i miss her (cuz that's not how you play the game, we all know that), but he told her anyway which iimagine made me sound pretty unattractive. Ykno, playing the whole "waiting in the wings", but she's not supposed to actually know I'm waiting in the wings type thing But wait, that's not all.!! He said hat response to that was,"awhh, that's sweet". Whoooaaa... whoa, whoa, whoa. That's it? That's all? "That's sweet"?

Sounds like I've lost this game. Those are two words you never wanna hear agirl say. Unless, you guys disagree? I think "that's sweet"means "that's cool, but I don't care about you". Icould be wrong. I hope I'm wrong, haha... ohh. What do you guys think?
  • nope. don't care about you, apologetic ex that loves you and will do anything to get you back., ijust want my crazy bf... ouch.
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  • that is sweet, and someday, after ileave my cheating bf, and get over him, we might go one last time.!
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  • On an optimistic outloook Maybe she just didn't want to give a more emotional response because she knows your friend will tell you, on a pessimistic outlook she doesn't care


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