To call or not to call? I only have a few days to act. Someone please give me advice?

I have a trip booked to Europe with this guy in 2 weeks. We got into a fight a few days go. He was very wrong and out of line but I won't go into detail--I'll just say that he's very clingy and controlling and he gets oddly mad over the stupidest things.

This will be my only chance to go to Europe for a very long time. And while I don't condone his behavior, I don't want this fight to ruin a fun trip to Europe .

-I'm dreading calling him because it's going to let him know that it's ok for him to behave that way.

-If I don't call him, I fear his pride will allow him to let the trip fall through even though I know he doesn't want that. But he's very stubborn.

Should I give in and just call? I know he's going to really make me kiss his ass if I call so I'm torn... But the trip will be a blast and almost worth it.. What should I do? ANd what should I say if I do call?
So he called today and we made up. Europe here I come!!

... but i swear, after Europe I'm dumping his controlling rude ass.


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  • Call him. Omg are you overthinking this?

    • Yes I am definitely getting anxious. I'm really scared about the trip. But I guess I'll suck it up and call. I just hate having to deal with the game playing, which WILL be taking place when I finally do call.

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