Let's say you were in an amazingly emotional relationship. Your SO dumps you one day. Its the anniversary of your break up day. How do you act?

If you were in relationships before, how did you feel a year after the day you were broken up with? Tell me your stories!!

I don't want to hear the "no one loves me" bullshit. I don't care, Its harsh but its me. I want people to answer the question ONLY. Not to tell me about how you are 25 and lonely.
Oh it isn't about my experience. I just am bored and curious.


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  • If he dumped you... A year later you've learned that he's not the one to be thinking about a year later... Cause you're not the one he wanted to keep a year before.

    y beat your head against that wall?

    • Uh did you not read the question? Its not about me.

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    • Lmao u are trolling right? U so funny hey... I'm cracking up.

    • It seems you are the one trolling as you just broke up. Nice try.

  • A year later and you should have done something to deal with the break-up and be well and truly moving on with your life. I wouldn't even think about the "anniversary" of a break-up, that's just weird.

  • After falling flat on your face in depression, you pick yourself back up. Burn, tear up, sherd to pieces everything that reminds you of them and move on. Surround yourself with good friends that help you get back into life. Who knows? You might have someone way better when that one year anniversary rolls around ;)

  • To be honest, I didn't really take it to heart, I guess it would relate to that following year I had met someone else so my attention was elsewhere, all though I did remember that day, I didn't necessarily feel sad, just came to terms that shit happens and thats about it. My first long term boyfriend, he didn't dump me but I found out he cheated on me, he told me he didn't want to lose me yet didn't want to be in a relationship, of course I was extremely hurt.. so when the year anniversary came around, i acknowledged it, but I didn't feel heart broken, I've learnt to appreciate the good times, and know that I'm in a better place because someone was taking advantage of me, and no one deserves that.

  • A year after me and Hana (the girl I dated online for 7 months) broke up, I decided to check on her Facebook to see how she's doing. It took me 4 hours to eventually find it, but I wish I didn't because I saw her profile photo kissing the guy she dumped me for. In a way I was happy that she's happy, but I was also feeling really sad because that's the girl I gave my all to.
    It was only less than a month ago I checked her Facebook again and saw she's pregnant with his baby. Since then, I've forgotten about her existence because I can't keep thinking of somebody who has a family now.


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